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Hello techies ! Welcome to Unaryspecs!

Can you of all people envisage a life without technology? I bet you can’t. From the gigantic computer to a tiny hand-held smartphone, technology certainly has evolved. Days passed by and here we now stand over the 21st century, ‘the era of advancement’. Who would have thought that technology would bring such a drastic change in mankind? It now has bound us so tight that you can’t even think of averting. It certainly has revolutionized the world and made it a tiny village. Ok! that’s enough of this techie stuff, you aren’t here for this right?

Slowly and gradually technology is evolving in our country too. Network has reached to almost all places and thus, we are being able to connect with our families and loved ones. It’s certainly a boon for we Nepalese. Having said that, we still stand far behind if we see the advancement in technology going on in a rapid ratio out there and that’s a fact. There’s no shame in saying that the government is not paying much attention towards technology.

Sorry people for making you feel bored. So all this time, you may have wondered what actually is Unaryspecs? Why even need a new tech site if many of them are already out there? Can this newbie stand out amongst those giants and attract the visitors? First thing first, we aren’t here for any sort of competition you may be thinking of. There is a famous saying “action speaks louder than words”. What we do is what we get right?

We are a team of passionate developers and tech enthusiasts, devoted and committed to enlighten every individual with the quality tech stuffs. Not to mention the name of those so-called tech-related sites of our country who are uploading contents without proper research and knowledge. Hundreds and thousands of contents but not a single worthy to look at; does it feel any good? Surely no. Having said that, we here at Unaryspecs aim to provide you guys the most authentic tech information and try to stay away from fake leaks and rumors as far as possible.

Our main motto is “Focus on quality rather than quantity”. We truly believe that a single misleading information can cause a negative impact on our reader’s mindset. We will try our very best to make you updated with the latest tech news and information as per our knowledge and detailed research. Finally, we welcome every one of you to be a part of our small family and help it grow bigger.


Sarad Upadhyay
Sarad Upadhyay | an IT student from Nepal | a passionate tech guy | a learner, blogger, and a coder |

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